Hello, i am Bruno Morais.

I’m graduated in Product Design from the School of Design UEMG, post-graduate in Interaction Design from PUC / MG, and little, not getting too graduation in Graphic Design by UEMG.Now that we have spoken of the theory, let’s go practice.


As soon as I graduated, I worked with urban furniture and interventions in public spaces. And then I noticed some gaps in my education that led me to make a post graduation in Interaction Design. That was when I was introduced to the digital world and all its possibilities very interesting.


So I quit my job and went to work on the web team in an advertising agency. I fell in love with interactive installations, bought several books and even an Arduino board.


All this stirred my head and felt the need to take a step back. I made some matters of graphic design as a way to improve my aesthetic sense and better understand the production process.


Today, I have my focus on digital, but also like the visual part. In my last job, i am the senior designer, working on demands of the project, its structure (brand creation and dissemination strategies) to the final product, be it a website or app.


Email: contato@iambrunomorais.com
Phone: +55 31 999621091


You can find me in: LinkedIn, Behance